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You have now accepted the responsibility to care for this bundle of energy and love.  The kitten will need a small quiet place for a few days so it can adjust to your home.  A bathroom would be ideal if there is enough room for the carrier, litter box and food dishes as well as space for you to sit on the floor to comfort and play with the kitten.  This is a very important step in getting the kitten to bond and trust you.  They will reward you with long conversations and hours of purrs.


You need to child proof your home.  Kittens will chew electrical cords and investigate burning candles.  Be sure to remove all hazards and valuables.  Check your house plants to be sure they are not poisonous in case your kitten decides to nibble.  Here is an extensive list of hazards to cats and a list of a few harmless houseplants for you to enjoy. These sites have extensive lists of bad plants and safe plants .  My cats will find any African Violet I bring into the house and I know they are safe!  Do not assume that if it is not on the harmful list it is safe…..have only plants on the safe list!


You will notice that the kitten feels very warm when it snuggles in bed.  Their temperature ranges from 100-103 degrees with the average about 102 degrees.  You will no longer need a heating pad, but the kitten will certainly love to have one.  They seek a warm place and will miss the comfort of mother and litter mates.


If you leave the kitten alone during the day, you may want to leave the TV or radio turn on.


HEALTH RECORD: Your kitten born on ______________Parents: ______________________


Kitten was tested for FeLV/FIV on ______; Wellness exam on_____



Please read whether vaccinations are necessary for your kitten.  Vaccines are destroying the kittens/cats’ immune system.


If your kitten must receive a rabies shot, use Merial PureVax rabies vaccine, a non-adjuvant vaccine which is safer.  The Contract will be voided if another rabies vaccine is given.

Your kitten has been wormed with Pyrantel Pamoate.  Encased worm embryos can be dormant until a cat is under stress.  The wormer only removes hatched roundworms. 


FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS:  Read: HOW TO FEED YOUR CAT and about feeding your cat and cat nutrition.


It is important to keep your new kitten on a meat diet.  This is what we feed our kittens:

       Raw Meat Diet – moist –  The kittens are weaned directly to raw meat.  I feed them as much raw meat as they will eat twice a day. The older kittens eat about 1/3 cup of raw meat twice a day. Some cats never eat any dry having their nutritional needs met with the raw meat while others like a treat of Young Again regular 50/22 and Natures Variety Ultimate Protein dry food. If they eat too much dry food their stools may be much softer than eating just the balanced raw meat food.


You can purchase Nature’s Variety Raw Frozen instead of making their food. But if you are unable to conveniently locate Nature’s Variety Raw frozen meat, use a canned food with 10%+ protein, 6%+ fat and no grains.  Look for canned food with LOW carbs and high protein. A MUST READ


FIND a SOURCE for cat food

You can order Young Again dry food and supplements to make your own balanced raw meat cat food from our website or call 1-800-311-6646.  Use promo code 104817 to receive 10 percent of your first order.

Natures Variety Ultimate Protein dry cat food is available online: and others.


You want a food with high meat based protein and fat.  ELIMINATE foods with grains: ground corn, corn gluten, wheat, rice, soy because they are poorly digested plant protein. They also increase the carbohydrate percentage in the food. Cats are carnivores and need meat and not more than 4-9 percent carbohydrates.  READ the labels.   The pet food companies may divide the grains so they appear to be different: brown rice, brewer rice, rice flour, rice, corn gluten meal, corn grits, ground corn, corn meal, etc.  Cats can not utilize fruit and vegetables like peas. 

Read my cat food comparison chart showing the first 6 ingredients.  Companies may change ingredients, check the label.



We use Tidy Cat Breeze Litter box system.  The box is set up with NO pellets in the top and a pad is placed in the drawer.  I was concerned that the kittens would eat one of the clay pellets, since they wanted to play with them.  The box can easily be washed with hot water and Dawn detergent when the top part gets soiled.  The litter boxes are available at, Petsmart and Amazon.

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