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Updated December 7, 2021

Looking for an Oriental or Siamese kitten, contact us to see if any kittens are available.  The kittens will be ready to leave when they weigh about 3 pounds or more which is around four months old.  All kittens receive a wellness exam from Dr. Probst in Belvidere, Illinois before they leave. 


You also need to know that I am not vaccinating kittens anymore because the vaccine is causing some of the kittens to have reactions.  If the kitten is going into a home where there has been feline distemper, then I will vaccinate the kitten to prevent the kitten from contracting the disease from a possible contaminated environment.  Likewise, if you will be boarding, going to be showing the kitten, spending time at an animal rescue facility where you could transfer panleukopenia to the kitten, or getting another kitten from another breeder, then the kitten must be given a three way vaccine. It is important to weigh the risks of vaccination against the possibilities of infection.  Vaccines are not safe.  One vaccination given after 6 months will immunize the kitten for life against panleukopenia/feline distemper.  If your area requires a rabies shot, the only safer one is Merial Purevax Rabies.  Read the information on these two pages on my website: Maintaining Health  and Vaccine Information.


For availability call: 815-877-8358  or EMAIL

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